Kreo in the sign of change 


We are an Italian manufacturing company with an international scope.
We offer ourselves to the B2B market by offering a service to customer that is not afraid of comparison.

It all began in 1907, since this moment we have travelled the history of the Italian style of which we have become testimonials. We are an Italian company with an international gaze and we know how to face the difficult competitive challengis of the global market without sacrificing the artisan values that have made us unique. We offer ourselves to customers by distinguishing ourselves by design skills and quality. The BOOST group, to which we belong, has made us larger and able to face comlex projects aimed at offering a “customer service” that is not afraid of comparisons.

KREO LABORATORIO ITALIANO is born. With the aim of offering better and more efficent customer service. KREO combines the creative capacity of our designers, the skills of product development office and the craftsmaniship of our workers, to give life to unique and exclusive projects entirely realized in our laboratories.


To guarantee you a total image coordination we look for the most suitable material and the right color and when necessary we make it pantone. Each proposed item is dressed with custom-made case and the most suitable packaging to make it unique and precious even in detail. With KREO you will have a single interlecutor able to create, design and produce, guaranteeing you refined and exclusive proposals.

Be unique

KREO is the specialist of tailor made. There are no compromises: we work to make everything designed and made a measure for you. The synergistic collaboration between art departement designers, printing, book binder, and leather goods experts together with the state of the art industrial plants, contribute to the continuos renewal in style and quality of our projects that are designed solely for you.

Italian Laboratory

When a customers commissios us a project, the attention to his satisfaction is total. KREO’s desire is to achieve something unique and instantly recognizable. The requests are analyzed by a staff of real professional who take action to find the best proposals and all possible solutions.